Affordable, High-quality drugs
Anew Sales Track

Anew Biotechnology, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of its own versions of the blockbuster biopharmaceuticals whose patents have expired or are about to expire. With low infrastructure costs, minimal overhead, and acquiring products ready for Phase III clinical trials, the company can offer more affordable, life-saving products to patients with cancer, autoimmune disease, and other chronic disease indications. Most of the development costs have been incurred by our strategic partner, and our job is to complete the development of products for the major pharmaceutical markets, while at the same time, launch, market and sell in emerging market countries.

In countries where these biotech products should be prescribed but are not because of the lack of affordability, a special “humanitarian” program will be established to provide our medicines at our acquisition cost, such that patients who need our life-saving medicines will receive our life-saving medicines – for children and adults.

We need to change the availability and use of life-saving medicines in the global marketplace. In countries around the world, physicians would prescribe biotech medicines if their healthcare system or their patients could afford to pay for these medicines.

The cost of modern “biotechnology-derived” medicines has caused a major healthcare crisis around the world. Although the U.S. is the only country in the world without cost control, the cost of high-tech medicines is impacting the way medicine is practiced. It is know that 20% of patients treated for cancer can not afford life-saving medicines and refuse therapy while those that received life-saving medicines have to mortgage their home or find other ways of paying for these medicines. In other countries, physicians do not treat patients with life-saving medicines even thought the standard of care demands it.

Anew Biotechnology, Inc. was founded in early 2014 by Dr. Joseph Sinkule and a core team of senior, highly experienced, clinical and regulatory experts who have been at the forefront of the “biotechnology revolution” since the early 1980’s and throughout the 1990’s-2000’s. Anew Biotechnology Inc. (“Anew Biotech” or “Anew”) has leveraged its in-house strengths and knowledge of drugs and biologic products, has created a business model that is cost-efficient, and has teamed with a strategic partner who has created state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure to commercialize a portfolio of therapeutically important, commercially-attractive, yet affordable biologic products called “monoclonal antibodies” (mAbs). Anew Biotech’s first mAb entering Phase III clinical trials in the U.S. and Europe in early 2016, is a mAb called rituximab, which was developed by Genentech, Inc. and is brand-named Rituxan® and MabThera® in the U.S. and Europe, respectively. North America, Israel, Japan, and Europe are also Anew’s markets. The Company plans to launch its rituximab antibody product as RituxAnew™ (rituximab-Anew) in Mexico and other emerging market countries in late 2015.


In countries where our biotech products are not available due to cost, or can not be used in patients because of the cost, we will find a way of making the product available to treat the cancer patient. It may involve establishment of a special Government fund to pay for such therapies, it may be from donor organizations such as Gate Foundation or by donations acquired from within country and/or from outside of country, and it may be from our product being given way “at cost” to a select number of patients – children and adults – for humanitarian efforts.